Christmas House in Dumaguete City

Christmas has no end to young adults and especially for the children. They make the most of their holidays away from their study as they celebrate the Yuletide season. The celebration of most Dumagueteños usually includes their visit in the famous “Christmas House”.

Dr. Absin’s Christmas House

The Dr. Absin’s Christmas House is located across Dr. V. Locsin St. and Real Street, Piapi. It has been known to be a place where you can find countless Christmas lights and Christmas trees with lots and lots of Christmas decoration spread throughout the enchanted mansion.

The Christmas House has different parts and sections where you can find various wonders around you. Some of the highlights include the decorated living room that goes to the small kitchen and to the stairs to the second floor. Once you step in the second floor you will find yourself in a porch like hallway where three welcoming bedrooms are decorated at its best.

You may choose to directly go down the stairs which lead you to the exit or to a small porch where you can smell some fresh air and see other visitors from the garden below. The garden of course would be a nice stop spot because after roaming around, the grass is one of the best places to relax and chill.

Usually Dr. Absin’s Christmas House chooses a theme yearly and showcases the decoration throughout the entire place.

The entrance fee is affordable as it only costs 25 pesos per person only. Of course there is a discount for younger kids. The opening of the Christmas House was announced to be this December 15, 2015. We suggest to go there earlier than seven in the evening for people will surely not want to miss the sight.

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  • 12. December 2015 at 13:50

    Wow!!! Wish i could spend Christmas there in Dumaguete… :/


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