Chinese Tourists in Dumaguete Seeks Visa Extension Amid Coronavirus

Several Chinese Tourists in Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental has pleaded the Bureau of Immigration to extend their tourist visa due to the global concern of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus or nCoV. The virus started in Wuhan, China but has spread through other countries as well.

Chinese Mother & Daughter in Fear of Coronavirus

The Chinese mother and daughter arrived in Dumaguete City on January 10, 2020, and is scheduled to depart today, February 6, 2020. Chen Bei, 29, and her mother, Zou Qin, are staying at a hotel in Dumaguete and entered the Philippines with the so-called Visa Upon Arrival (VUA), through the Kingston Holiday and Travel Tours based in Manila. According to an interview made by the Philippine News Agency, the mother and daughter are from Tian Jin, China. Upon learning about the spread of the Novel Coronavirus in China, they are asking the Bureau of Immigration to extend their tourist visa extension. Their families back in Tian Jin, China are safe, however, the spread of infection has also started back in their hometown. The mother and daughter were supposed to fly to Vietnam. However, they are in fear that they will be no longer be received there.

Bureau of Immigration – Chinese Tourists Overstaying

In the last three days or so, several Chinese tourists have pleaded for a Tourist Visa Extension. The Bureau of Immigration local chief Peter Bueno was not available to give his statements, but employees there confirmed that several Chinese nationals have already visited their office asking for the extension. The Provincial Tourism Office also showed that Chinese tourists are the top nationals that visit Negros Oriental in the year 2019.

How to Prevent from Infection:

  • Always wash your hands with soap & water or an alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Cook your food thoroughly (especially meat).
  • Cover your mouth with a napkin, mask, tissue, hand, or flexed elbow when coughing and sneezing.
  • Avoid contact with anyone showing symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Wear protective gloves and masks when visiting a live market.
  • Avoid touching live market animals without protection.

If you are showing any symptoms (coughs, colds, fever, shortness of breath) seek immediate medical attention & help!

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