CHED rates Silliman Nursing and IT as Center of Excellence

The Commission of Higher Education (CHED) issued a memorandum late December where several Philippine universities got new ratings. One rating is the “Center of Excellence” (CEO) which is given to higher educational institutions which have reached the highest standards of Education, instruction, research and other fields. CHED rated public and private Universities from all regions of the Philippine Islands.

The recognition as a “Center of Development” (COD) which is given to educational facilities which have shown significant improvement over the last year and provide institutional leadership or special development in specific areas.

CHED has extended the naming of CEO and COD deadlines for several educational fields like Teacher Education and different engineering programs.

While many Center of Excellence and Center for Development are located in Metro Manila, Silliman University holds the flag high for Negros Oriental as a top educational location for the central Visayas.

Silliman University – Center of Excellence

CHED issued Silliman University the rating as a Center of Excellence (COE) for Nursing and IT Technology. Furthermore the university was rated as a Center of Development (COD) for Marine Science, Biology and Medical Technology.

There might be some more positive ratings for Silliman University up the sleeve, when the moved deadline is reached.

However, one aspect need to be mentioned. The rating is only given to educational facilities which did send an application to CHED. One can be certain, that there are plenty of colleges and universities in this country which didn’t do so. One example is the Mindanao State University in Marawi City which did not apply for previous rating period.

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