Business Permit meets BOSS

The Local Government Unit (LGU) of Dumaguete is enjoying their jobs as they file a new establishment the businesses of this city with securing a mayor’s permit. If this does not work out, the LGU will make sure that things will still be in accordance to the records.

The enforcing of the Omnibus Tax Ordinance is seriously and strictly taken into action as warned by City’s Administrator, William Ablong. The LGU will also not take side on who ever disobey and violate it.

How to get a mayor’s permit?

As of the moment, the facilities are still planning on these processes and flows of this new thing called BOSS. However, City’s Administrator, William Ablong mentioned that they are plan to release the new flow and process by this February 15 (unless the deadline is extended).

Business One Stop Shop

It is believed that the Business One Stop Shop (BOSS) will give a much faster, easier and more convenient way of doing your renewal and application of business permit.

The different offices and government facilities that will take part in the said requirement includes: Bureau of Fire Protection, City Engineering Office, City Health Office, Department of Trade & Industry, and of course the Bureau of Internal Revenue. All these offices are placed into one office for a quicker and more convenient way of renewing and applying for a new business permit.





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