Budyas Festival and Tandayag Fiesta 2017

The celebration of the barangay Tandayag Fiesta and Budyas Festival concluded with the Holy Mass and a festivity dance presentation today, June 29, 2017. Since this celebration is just for the Tandayag Barangay, the event was held at their sea port and small barangay hall. The Budyas Festival is believed to be a tribal ritual of fishermen as a form of blessing to the sea that gave them the abundant aquatic harvest.

Thanksgiving Mass

The Holy Mass was held at the Saint Peter and Paul Chapel of Barangay Tandayag, Amlan. The thanksgiving mass at the chapel ended at around 11 o’clock in the morning. After the mass, the people hurriedly went to the Tandayag Sea Port Terminal in their Sunday mass attire to watch the Budyas Festival presentation prepared by some barangay representatives.

Budyas Festival presentation

The presentation of the Budyas Festival was short yet vivid and exciting. The small budget was not a hindrance for the dancers to showcase an entertaining festivity number. The presentation was held at the perfect place and at the perfect time as the noon heat sunk into the bodies of the audience and the cool breeze of the sea tickled their skin. The eyes were filled with colors and fast movements by the dancers as their ears were attached to the catchy tune of the samba beat.

After the dance presentation, it was nearly 12 noon and everyone departed the port and went home to celebrate their barangay fiesta with a feast of homemade cuisines and Filipino favorites. Strangers who passed by were invited to join in the food feast.

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