Biodiversity Reporting 101

Young journalists and communication officers, based on the Visayan Mindanao location, have been invited to apply as participants of the Biodiversity Reporting 101 by the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB), Youth Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative, Silliman University Research and Environment News Service, and Philippine Eagle Foundation.

What is Biodiversity Reporting 101?

Biodiversity Reporting 101 is an experiment wherein the attempt to increase media interest in biological diversity is being processed. The experiment will recognize the crucial role of the mass media in making biodiversity a part of laymen’s everyday life.

In the ASEAN region, seminar-workshop of the attempt will aim to provide media practitioners with relevant information, important messages, and inputs related to biodiversity conservation in the ASEAN region. The seminar-workshop series of the Biodiversity Reporting 101is sponsored and maintained by the ACB, Silliman University Research and Environment News Service, and Philippine Eagle Foundation.

Three sessions will be held in the Philippines. Eventually, ACB will work to replicate Biodiversity Reporting 101 in other ASEAN member states, thanks to the financial funding support of the US embassy Manila’s Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative.

The invitation of this program will be looking for editors, reporters or communication officers involved in communicating environmental issues. One must be interested to learn more about biodiversity of the ASEAN region, willing to write a story under any biodiversity thematic concerns such as ecotourism, urban biodiversity, business and biodiversity, and agro-biodiversity, among others.

The applicant of the program must be in the Philippines and will be able to attend one of the three sessions, one in Metro Manila, in Dumaguete and in Davao.

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Daisy Barredo

Daisy Barredo

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