Animal Raisers in NIR to Get P20M for Feed Mill Project

The Department of Agriculture (DA) will be releasing a total of P20 million to animal raisers in the Negros Island Region (NIR) for the construction of feed mill facilities.  The Alliance of Hog Raisers Associations of Negros Occidental (AHRANO) will receive P10 million and animal raisers in Negros Oriental will also receive P10 million.

According to Joyce Wendam, officer-in-charge regional executive director of DA-NIR (Region 18), the facilities will be helpful to the local animal raisers because they will be producing their own feeds.  Thus, production costs will be reduced and more income will be realized.  At the same time, health of their animals will be ensured.

Previously, AHRANO submitted a proposal in the amount of P50 million.  However, DA ordered a revision of the proposal which eventually led to the approval of P10 million for the group.  This same amount was also approved for the animal raisers in Negros Oriental.

Wendam said that AHRANO is expected to revise its proposal to include implementation strategies, organizational structure and other technical aspects of the project which will serve as the feed processing center for all member-associations.  This proposal will be submitted to DA-NIR which, in turn, will submit it to DA-Central Office.

NIR expressed support for Feed Mill Project

Wendam added that the agency’s new administration has expressed its support for the region’s agriculture sector and this project is part of its commitment.  DA Secretary Emmanuel Piñol, who was in Dumaguete City recently, gave the assurance that the national government can immediately act on the final proposal upon its submission, including the release of funds for the construction of the facility.  He also expressed his commitment to support the growing organic industry of the island-region.


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