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The Dumaguete City School Division Superintendent Gregorio Cyrus Elejorde confirms that public schools will open classes for School Year 2020-2021 on August 24, 2020. There will be a total of 22,483 expected student enrollees based on the online enrollment system. In his presentation with the City IATF headed by Mayor Antonio Filipe Remollo, City School Division Superintendent introduced the solution of online learning through…Academic Panda!

Academic Panda – Education Through Online

The numbers of enrolled student in the city are still growing. There is a significant rise in numbers of enrollees since students from private schools have opted to transfer to public schools. To limit the threat of COVID 19 in the city, and possibly the province, City Schools Division Supt. Gregorio Cyrus Elejorde introduced the so-called Academic Panda. Learning will now be through pure online, modular or blended instructions and assessment.

PURE ONLINE learning can be delivered through systematic utilization of virtual interactions thru Edmodo classroom and other platforms, which is preferred for students with actual internet subscription.

MODULAR learning involves the reproduction of manuals, instructional and assessment materials in 280 kiosks all throughout the city and in every school for students who have no smartphones and electricity.

BLENDED learning involves online instruction and reproduction of learning materials at the kiosks for easy collection and distribution for students with smartphones and use mobile data.

This type of “Panda” application is derived from the Food Panda. A delivery service that allow ordinary residents to order food and supplies from the comfort and safety of their homes. Through the Academic Panda, the city aims to delivery educational modules and assessment materials to students with the comfort and safety of their homes.

The estimated cost for Academic Panda would amount to 21.1 million pesos. This includes the reproduction costs of printed learning materials and manuals, kiosks (computers) and printers. This program will aim for MRK or Material Reproduction Kiosks for offline materials with 75 kiosks all over the city and 5 kiosks in every school. Academic Panda of the school’s processes and sends orders directly to the concerned stakeholders.

Drop & Pick Up System

An alternative strategy of teaching for students who do not have internet access or mobile data will be the Drop & Pick Up System. This system suggests an independent leaning strategy for Grades 4 to Senior High School through Academic Panda. Schools shall provide a claim and drop facility that will ensure the easy collection and distribution of leaning materials.  

School Mobile Delivery Unit (SMDU)

For the extreme cases, where in the parent or guardians are not able to come to school and the lack of internet connection, the School Mobile Delivery Unit will be activated. The School Mobile Delivery Unit or SMDU is a group of teachers that shall bring learning materials directly to the student’s home as well as retrieve these said materials after.

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