400k Reward for Info on Local Broadcaster’s Killer

After the death of local broadcaster Edmund Sestoso last Tuesday (May 01, 2018), the different media in Dumaguete City seeks justice over the slain victim. The motif of his death by gun shooting has not yet been identified. Further information about the killer/s & shooter/s involved in the death of the local broadcaster will be awarded with PHP 400,000 pesos.

Edmund Sestoso – A Local Broadcaster’s Death

Edmund Sestoso died in the age of 51 years old a day after he was shot near his boarding house in Barangay Daro, Dumaguete City. His ambush was done by suspected professionals since the target was shot 5 times in critical areas (stomach, chest and leg). Only one stray bullet went array to the wheels of the pedicab in which the victim rode going home after his work. He was brought to Silliman University Medical Center where he died due to multiple organ failure.

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“Justice for Media Killing Victims”

After the said gun shooting, the colleagues of the victim have been on high alert of any possible situations. It has been quite a depressing week for the victim’s family, friends and co-workers. The Dumaguete Press Club president Juancho Gallarde could not afford to stand in silence and voiced out his mind.

400,000 Peso Reward

The National Government was generous enough to give the government PHP 200,000 added to the PHP 100,000 from the Local Government Unit of Dumaguete and another PHP 100,000 from the Provincial Government of Negros Oriental. The summed money will be used as reward for any further information on the killer/s.

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Media Lives More Valuable?

There is no doubt that the rise of shooting and killings in all over Negros Oriental have raised over the past few months. But the awarding of 400,000 pesos for information of the killer over a local broadcaster can be considered over to the top. A local who resides within the city was shot and yet no award for those who can find the killer. A foreigner was shot in Valencia, still no reward for finding the killers. What makes a media personnel’s life more valuable? Is it even related to his “media life” or was it just a personal thing that everyone makes a big buzz of?

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