2019 Election in Negros Oriental – Results

The Philippine Senate Election 2019 or otherwise known as the Halalan 2019 Election was on May 13, 2019, nation-wide. It is a synchronized election for national, provincial, city and municipal leaders following the democratic rights under Republic Act No 7166. It is held every three years during the second Monday of the month of May.

2019 Elections – Voting Day!

Millions of Filipinos all over the Philippines voted during the 2019 Elections yesterday May 13, 2019. Schools and other voting centers were filled with voters lining up. The voting started as early as six o’clock in the morning in some areas and ended around six o’clock in the evening. Shopping centers, hotels, and other establishments made a half day in order for their employees to vote. Aside from the Gun Ban, the Liquor and Alcohol Ban was also made before and during the elections.

2019 Elections - Philippine Ele2019 Elections - Philippine Elections 2019 - Voting Day

Negros Oriental Provincial Election 2019 – Results

There are no changes in the governor & vice governor leaders of Negros Oriental. Roel Degamo won over Ikay Villanueva over the position of the governor with 78% of votes. Meanwhile, Doc Mark Macias won the position as vice governor over Sammy Torres with 88% of the peoples’ vote. Congressman and Congresswoman of District 1,2 & 3 still remain under the hands of Josy Limkaichong (District 1), Chiquiting Sagarbarria (District 2) & Arnie Teves (District 3). A few changes in the Provincial Board Members in the different districts were made after the Election 2019. View results below:

Provincial Board Member
(First District)

  • Jake Reyes
  • Valente Yap
  • Chester Lim

Provincial Board Member
(Second District)

  • Petit Baldado
  • Erwin Macias
  • Estanislao Alviola

Provincial Board Member
(Third District)

  • Jack Raymond
  • Popoy Renacia
  • Kit Mark Adanza

Dumaguete City 2019 Election – Results

In Dumaguete City, the Mayoral position remains under Felipe Antonio Remollo who won 65% of the people’s vote. For the vice-mayor position, Alan Gel Cordova won to a close call of 4% more votes than Franklin Esmeña Jr. (who was the former vice-mayor of Dumaguete City).  A few changes were also made in the list of city councilor after this year’s election.

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One thought on “2019 Election in Negros Oriental – Results

  • 15. May 2019 at 07:08

    Hi Daisy, I’m from Siaton and educated at Cathedral College back in early 80s, this name already been changed. I like the idea of a change in our Dynasty of Political power as it has been in the Philippines. We need people who are a doers of their promises to the PEOPLE who voted and whom they should served NOT themselves.
    I am one of
    Filipino-Australians who are celebrating the election results of the 2019. I am aware that nothing is perfect, but at least people are waking up due to being fed up of Politicians who served but themselves.


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