2 New Positive COVID-19 Cases in Negros Oriental

Dr. Liland Estacion, Hospital Incident Command System Commander and Chair of IATF-EID Committee on Health, reported during a press briefing that she received 148 RT-PCR results on August 6, 2020. Out of these test results, 144 came back as negative while 4 test results were positive. Two out of these four test results were from a repeat swab, while the other two are new active cases.

COVID-19 Cases in Negros Oriental

As of August 7, 2020, there are a total of 104 COVID-19 cases in Negros Oriental. Out of these cases, 18 are active, 82 have recovered and 4 have died. That is 17.31% for active cases, 78.84% for recoveries and 3.85% for the numbers of death. Included in the 78.84% are the 14 new recoveries recorded on August 7, 2020. According to PHO-PESU reports here are the list of the new recoveries:

302nd IB 3ID PA
NEGOR-COV-42 25 years old male

NEGOR-COV-66 31 years old male


NEGOR-COV-90 70 years old male

NEGOR-COV-67 58 years old male

NEGOR-COV-95 35 years old male

NEGOR-COV-87 33 years old female

NEGOR-COV-63 64 years old male
NEGOR-COV-83 28 years old female
NEGOR-COV-84 22 years old female

Santa Catalina
NEGOR-COV-94 20 years old female

NEGOR-COV-67 33 years old male
NEGOR-COV-72 42 years old male
NEGOR-COV-67 80 years old male
NEGOR-COV-72 20 years old female

The Provincial Government of Negros Oriental also posted yesterday through their official Facebook page the new Executive Order No. 37 Series of 2020. Effective 8th August 2020, Gov. Roel R. Degamo orders that the Province of Negros Oriental will ad interim refrain from accepting LSIs and ROFs transiting to different localities in the country via all ports and borders within the territorial jurisdiction of Negros Oriental except those going to the Province of Siquijor. This moratorium shall take effect until revoked. APORs and those Individuals on Emergency and Indispensable Travels may be allowed to transit subject to local health requirements and verification. In hopes of lowering the number of cases in Negros Oriental, the provincial government are pleading the public to follow are given protocols and to provide all requirements.

For the safety of the public, please follow all the standard protocols for Negros Oriental:

  • Wear facemasks when going out, especially in public places.
  • Wash your hands, sanitize, or use rubbing alcohol.
  • Always practice physical distancing with at least 1 meter.
  • Always stay at home unless buying necessities like groceries and medication.
  • Follow the curfew (9:00pm-6:00am).
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